For 20 years, we've been providing high-tech companies with top-notch communication and marketing services.

What We Do

Awesome projects, smart clients.

What sets us apart

Experience in our niche industry… Passion for creating rich brands… understanding of high-tech products. And expert creativity. Bridging the gap between your great idea and the customers you want to attract, we get to the heart of the technical nitty-gritty to understand it, and then translate it into marketing content, stories and experiences that sell. 

Case Studies that Sell


High-quality, laser-focused content that tells your story and helps you sell . Check out some of our recent work by clicking the images below:

Large mine saves 100 man hours and obtains ROI in one year

$58M value with addition of remote operations center

Blogs that engage


Content streams that build you up as a thought leader? Yes please. Let’s attract clients and stakeholders through consistent, powerful messages:

Technical blog management, content and scheduling for mine digitization, software, and IoT company.

Technical blog management, content and scheduling for global mining technology integration company.

Press & Media


You are in business to shine brighter than the rest, and be seen. You need an arsenal of great communications to create engagement – papers, articles, and content, highlighting you as a trusted advisor in your field.

Brand DNA


A good brand DNA consistently and effectively connects to your audience. We design beautiful marketing pieces and websites with powerful messaging and visuals.  


Conferences & Events


From strategy to logistics, we set your presence up for success and leave an impression.

Electra Mining 2022, Johannesburg South Africa

SmallSat 2023, Utah USA

Training Programs


Add further value to your expertise by building training programs to elevate your clients knowledge. 


Vision & Innovation

Highly technical products and services are hard to talk about when you are close to them. That's why we are in business - to tell your story through a masterful brand experience that grows your business.